Call for tenders

The table below lists all past SJU call for tenders (since July 2010). The hyperlink in the Title column links to a zip file containing all documents related to the call.

 Reference    Title
SJU/001-CFP   Call for Expressions of Interest - Independent Experts
10-220718-A   Second call for WP-E Research Projects
10-220719-A   First call for WP-E Research Projects
SJU/LC/0049-CFP   Selection of Large Account Reseller services for the acquisition of Microsoft software products and licences
SJU/LC/0043-CFP   Satellite capabilities for OPTIMI (OPTIMI-SAT)
SJU/LC/OO46-CFP   Services de mise a disposition de travailleurs intérimaires
SJU/LC/OO47-CFP   Prestation de Services de Réceptionniste
SJU/LC/0058-CFT   Call for tenders General Support Online Communication
SJU/LC/0059   Performance of a study on the macroscopic impact of SESAR
SJU/LC/0062   Web meeting solution
SJU/LC/0061   SESAR Military Avionics Study
SJU/LC/0055   Call for Associate Partners of the SJU
SJU/LC/0165   Head of Validation/Verification and Head of ConOps
12-11003-A   Provision of Airspace User Expertise for the Execution of the SESAR Programme
SJU/LC/0073-CEI   Call for Expression of Interest Chair of the SESAR Performance Partnership (SPP) Group
SJU/LC/0070   SESAR Integrated Flight Trials and Demonstration Activities (Call for Proposals)
12-120610   Second call for WP-E Research Projects just launched
SJU/LC/079-CEI   Membership to the SESAR Joint Undertaking Scientific Committee
SJU-LC-0078-CEI   Provision of civil & military authority expertise
SJU/LC/0082-CFT   Performance of an economic study to elaborate Business Cases associated to a pilot common project - Lot 1 and Lot 2
12-120610   Second call for WP-E Research Projects just launched
SJU-LC-081-CFT   Provision of support to the Communication Activities - OJEU ref. 2012/S 229-376269
SJU/LC/0085   Call for Tenders for a Study on an ATM Performance Model and supporting methodology - OJEU ref. 2012/S 212-350368
SJU/LC/0087   SESAR Integrated Remotely Piloted Air System Demonstration Activities
SJU/LC/088   Provision of Unified Communication Services and Supplies - OJEU Ref. 2013/S 010-012591
SJU/LC/092   Prestations de services de sécurité et de maintenance des systèmes de sécurité des locaux de la SESAR
SJU/LC/094   Prestations de services de nettoyage
SJU/LC/097   SESAR Young Scientist Award
SJU/LC/095   Performance of a SESAR Strategy and Management Framework Study for Information Cyber-Security
SJU/LC/096   VDL Mode 2 Capacity and Performance Analysis
SJU/LC/099   Provision of services to the SESAR Joint Undertaking
SJU/LC/100   Provision of web, email and media monitoring support to the Communication Activities of the SESAR Joint Undertaking
SJU/LC/0101   Definition Phase related to civil Remotely Piloted Air Systems insertion into the European Aviation System in the context of the Single European Sky initiative
SJU/LC/0102   SESAR Large Scale Demonstration Activities – Call for Proposals
SJU/LC/0110   Call for expressions of interest to become candidate member of the SESAR Joint Undertaking - SESAR Research and Innovation Programme 2020
SJU/0108/PRI   SJU Prize for SESAR Young Scientist Award 2014
SJU/LC/0111   Provision of Project Audit services to the SESAR Joint Undertaking
SJU/LC/109   VDL Mode 2 Measurement, analysis and simulation campaigns and simulation campaign
SJU-LC-296-CFP   Call for expression of interest for the establishment of a reserve list of prospective seconded experts
SJU-LC-0105-CFT   Prestations de services de réceptionniste
SJU-LC-0107-CFT   SJU Web conferencing solution
SJU-LC-0117-CFT   Travaux de réaménagement des locaux de l’Entreprise Commune SESAR
H2020 SESAR 2015-1   SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research: First Call for Research Projects
SJU-LC-0123-CFT   Provision of strategic communications, editorial support, graphical, digital and events related communications services
SJU-LC-0127-CFT   Civil airspace user support
SJU-LC-0128-CFT   Scientific Committee
SJU-LC-0130-CFT   Provision of Travel Agency Services: Invitation  - Specifications
SJU-LC-0134-CFT   Call for tenders for security services - ITT - Specifications

Provision of web, intranet and email services for the SJU:
Case study

SJU-LC-0136-CFT   SESAR Young Scientist Award: Contest Rules - Application form

Call for proposals
Technical specifications
Application form
Model for the certificate on methodology
Model for the certificate on the financial statement
Model financial statement
Project execution guidelines
Model grant agreement
Model budget of the action
Declaration of honour


Provision of web, intranet and email services

Q&A (29/9/2017)
Corrigendum 3
Invitation to tender - Corrigendum 2 - p 1-3
Tender Specifications - Corrigendum 3 - P 12-14-15-19-20-21

Annex 3 - Templates - Corrigendum 3
Tender Specifications - Annex 1 - Case Study

Tender Specifications - Annex 2 - Declaration on honour
Draft Direct Service Contract


Cleaning related services
Invitation to tender
Tender specifications
Annex I declaration of honour
Annex II Public holidays 2018
Annex III 4th and 5th floorplans
Annex III 4th floorplan
Annex III 5th floorplan
Annex IV Draft contract
Lot 1 Draft service contract
Lot 3 Draft framework contract
Lot 3 Draft Direct supply contract
Annex V Financial Proposal Lot 1
Annex V Financial Proposal Lots 2 & 3
Q&A (21 February 2018)

SJU/LC/0142-CNT   Contest rules
Application form
Updated Q&A