SESAR Solutions are being implemented either to answer local needs or in a synchronised and coordinated manner in order to maximise Europe-wide benefits.


Local deployment

SESAR Solutions are deployed based on local rather than system-wide business cases. In cases such as these only a moderate degree of harmonisation of systems, rules and procedures are required. There are several examples of local deployment already underway, such as remote towers.

Synchronised deployment

SESAR Solutions may also be deployed in synchronised and coordinated manner in order to:

  • address known critical network performance deficiencies;
  • deliver efficient service and infrastructure, such as the automation of routine tasks and infrastructure rationalisation
  • allow regional, trajectory-based, flight- and flow-centric operations, which require solutions such as fully integrated data communications and high efficiency regional, flight centric ATM.

The SESAR Deployment framework, established by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) N° 409/2013, defines three main implementing mechanisms: Common projects, deployment programme and the Deployment Manager