With its exploratory research programme, the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) has progressively embedded activities aimed at developing the skills of the future air traffic management (ATM) workforce. These have provided opportunities for students to participate and contribute to ATM research in Europe, including support for PhD research projects.

In 2017, Violeta Bulc, Commissioner for Transport, addressed the SESAR Innovation Days, noting the role of SESAR in nurturing the aviation talent of tomorrow and in developing new ideas to ensure greater mobility and connectivity through air travel in Europe. In her address, she encouraged the SESAR JU to consider creating a “SESAR Academy”, in order to skill and inspire the next generation aviation workforce in anticipation of the digital economy. Her words underscore the SESAR JU’s recognised role of stimulating, funding and coordinating all research related to ATM across Europe.

The creation of the SESAR Digital Academy has the ambition to ensure the sustainability of the knowledge gained beyond the duration of individual research projects.

Vision, mission and values

The vision of the SESAR Digital Academy is to become a recognised learning initiative supporting Europe’s future aviation and ATM workforce.  The mission is to nurture Europe’s brightest minds and advance learning, scientific excellence and innovation in aviation and ATM.  The Academy aims to promote student mobility and a whole spectrum of learning opportunities, from fundamental research to industry-focussed applied research, and to enhance the knowledge, skills and employability of aviation professionals.

The SESAR Digital Academy seeks to bring together under one umbrella access to SESAR exploratory research activities and outreach relating to education and training, as well as professional learning opportunities offered by research centres, universities, industry partners and other entities within the ATM/aviation domain.

The mission and vision of the SESAR Digital Academy are complementary to those of existing aviation/aeronautics interest groups, associations and networks at European level. The academy will seek to identify synergies and potential for collaboration as part of its plan of activities.

The Academy’s mission is guided by the following set of values:

  • Promoting the sharing of knowledge, ideas skills and expertise on air traffic management and aviation research across academia and industry, both within Europe and beyond;
  • Nurturing the professional development of the future aviation workforce  by  creating learning and knowledge exchange opportunities;
  • Advancing scientific excellence and know-how in ATM and aviation research, encouraging research across disciplines on the most promising ideas and concepts;
  • Promoting equal opportunities in ATM and aviation research and more broadly the industry, recognising diversity and inclusivity as key to the competitiveness of the industry.

Participants and beneficiaries

The digital academy is an open initiative with a wide range of participants and beneficiaries:

  • Students and Academia
  • Research institutes
  • Industry
  • Standardisation, regulatory and safety authorities

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