• 29 of April, 2021
    14:30 > 16:00
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The SESAR Digital Academy webinar series has so far been focusing on how the transformation of the European sky to a digital one centres on technologies that can increase the levels of automation, cyber-secure data sharing and connectivity in air traffic management. This webinar aims to explore how SESAR research is also innovating the way that our airspace is being utilised to integrate existing and new types of air traffic into the Digital European Sky.

This webinar will put a spotlight on how SESAR solutions are innovating airspace utilisation, allowing conventional aircraft to share the airspace with many other types of air vehicle. The scope covers a breathtaking spectrum of airspace users from drones and air taxis in U-space and over cities, through airliners in conventional airspace, up to the higher airspace, where supersonic aircraft will fly amongst balloons in the stratosphere, while commercial space operations enter and return from the edges of outer space.

This is nothing short of a new frontier in aviation and success will constitute a major breakthrough that will unlock tremendous economic value and new avenues for innovation and business opportunity.

In this digital future, building the right infrastructure to support operations will be critical to harnessing the potential of the sector.

During this webinar, the panel will explore:

  • Dynamic TMA/E-TMA for Advanced Optimised Descent Operations, showcasing SESAR’s work on introducing dynamicity in the application of SESAR RNP route structures in order to increase the flexibility of TMA operations. This also allows a more environmentally friendly traffic flow through the use of different airspace design concepts throughout the day, for example depending on traffic demand or on MET conditions at each particular moment.
  • The SESAR ICARUS U-space project, a project that sets out to provide an integrated common altitude reference system for drones and general aviation, without which integration would be very difficult.
  • The European concept for higher airspace operations (ECHO), a two-year project, which aims to deliver a comprehensive concept of operations for higher airspace, building on a detailed demand analysis, with the objective of allowing safe, efficient and scalable operations above the flight levels where conventional air traffic operates.

This panel will offer a unique opportunity to hear about three specific projects that are innovating the utilisation of European airspace and to explore what research has already been done, what research still needs to be done, and how detailed operational research, supported by technological innovation, can bring about fundamental changes to the way we manage air traffic in European airspace.


Dynamic TMA/E-TMA for Advanced Optimised Descent Operations
Bruno Favennec, TMA Expert, EUROCONTROL

An integrated common altitude reference system for drones and general aviation
Alberto Mennella, Technical Coordinator, TopView
Corrado Orsini, Technical Coordinator, Telespazio

Higher airspace operations
Marc Vales, VP Space Programme, Dassault Aviation

Robin Garrity, Senior External Affairs Officer, SESAR JU

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