• SJU reference # PJ18-W2-88 /Release 10
  • Stakeholders
  • Benefits Operational efficiency
  • Status In the pipeline


This Solution was formerly part of PJ.15-08-W1

Trajectory-based operations (TBO) is a cornerstone of the SESAR vision paving the way for more predictable air traffic management. Many areas of the programme and solutions in the pipeline rely on trajectory information which is captured in the SESAR architecture. In support of this transition, SESAR is researching a common service to provide a single point of reference for a specific trajectory during all phases of flight. The service covers the period from creation in long-term pre-flight planning through to the flight execution phase.

As a facilitator for TBO, the service provides a consistent flight trajectory and a common picture for all stakeholders. It is expected to reduce European ATM system fragmentation and contribute to cost-effective deployment of trajectory-based solutions.

The candidate solution aims to provide one generic facilitating service. It includes the following functions: A single reference trajectory; provision of trajectory information to support planning activity; access to this data by authorised stakeholders; provision of trajectories related to operational needs to the military; and access of flight trajectory information to other consumers subject to appropriate access rights. It aims to cover the pan-European area and deliver high service availability, response time and data accuracy. SESAR work includes technical concept definition and service feasibility analysis, and requires coordination with work on SESAR ground-ground interoperability activities.


Increased cost efficiency

Reduced ATM fragmentation