• SJU reference # PJ.06-01 /Release 2019
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One of the objectives of the Single European Sky is to enable airspace users to plan flight trajectories without reference to a fixed route network in order to optimise flights in line with their business needs. Free routing allows airspace users to plan a route along segments of the great circle, which connect any combination of published waypoints and is due to become available above 31,000 feet from 2022 under European regulations. Free routing is already available in a number of low to medium complexity environments following validation work completed under SESAR 1, paving the way for the latest SESAR research, which is focused on high and very high complexity cross-border environments.

The free routing concept links a number of different operational areas and airspace management activities at regional, sub-regional and local level. The solution provides a description of high and very high complexity cross-border Free Routing environment in upper airspace (at the 2022 timeframe) and focuses on the improvement of separation provision.

While supporting the deployment of free routing operations beyond low and medium complexity environments, the candidate solution does not target unrestricted free routing operations, but aims to enable safe and efficient cross-border operations in free routing airspace with minimum structural constraints as far as practicable while maintaining the required level of safety and capacity in the airspace.


  • Enhanced predictability
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions