• 21 of March, 2022
    12:00 > 13:30
  • Virtual event
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Virtual Open Day on SESAR PJ.13-W2

As part of Solution 117 for PJ.13-W2 project, Indra , together with its partners Leonardo and ENAV is organising  an open day which we will present:

  • Introduction about the PJ.13 ERICA project and Solution 117
  • Validation exercises demonstration video
  • Validation results

During the end of 2021, in the scope of PJ.13-Solution 117, one exercise was carried out by Indra for contributing to enable remote piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) in controlled airspace. The exercise was focused on the adaptation of the ground-based safety nets to manage conflicts involving RPAS operations in En-route non-segregated airspace. This exercise considered the RPA operations uncertainty and latency in Satellite-based voice communications with ATCO. Short-term conflict alert (STCA) and area proximity warning (APW) ground-based safety nets adaptations were tested by running different scenarios with different thresholds: reference, moderate and high.


  • Welcome & introduction
  • Project overview & objectives
  • Solution 117 objectives
  • Introduction to ATM system ground-based safety nets
  • Indra's exercise contribution for Solution 117
  • Validation exercises demonstration video
  • Validation results
  • Q&A
  • Next steps

This virtual open day will be a summary of what was executed at the validation exercise for Solution 117 and their results by Indra.


This project has received funding from the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 874474.