• 24 of March, 2022
    14:30 > 16:00
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Unpacking SESAR’s performance measurement framework

Performance is at the heart of the SESAR research and innovation programme. The programme assesses each and every solution and research outcome and how they contribute to meeting the overall performance ambitions of the European ATM Master Plan. However, this holistic approach may go unnoticed by those working in individual research projects within the programme.

This webinar demystified the SESAR performance framework (SPF) by explaining why there is a need for such a framework, how it is implemented and what is already available to facilitate performance assessment.


Performance overview from the Single European Sky to SESAR - “Why is there a need to measure performance benefits?”
Riccardo Massacci, Performance Expert, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking

The SESAR performance measurement process  - “What do I need to do?”
Jose Manuel Cordero Garcia, Principal ATM Researcher, ENAIRE

New benefits for a modernised ATM system - “How is the evolving ATM landscape being assessed?”
Iciar Garcia-Ovies, Aeronautical Engineer, ENAIRE

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