SESAR Solutions may also be deployed in synchronised and coordinated manner in order to:

Address known critical network performance deficiencies;

Deliver efficient service and infrastructure, such as the automation of routine tasks and infrastructure rationalisation

Allow regional, trajectory-based, flight- and flow-centric operations, which require solutions such as fully integrated data communications and high efficiency regional, flight centric ATM.

In June 2014, the European Commission adopted a Regulation for the implementation of the Pilot Common Project (PCP), the first set of ATM functionalities (SESAR Solutions).

The PCP is managed by the SESAR Deployment Manager.

Access SESAR interactive wall to interact with the SESAR-enabled air traffic management system of the future. By clicking on the "wall", you zoom into different parts of the system to check out the innovative digital solutions developed and delivered so far, as well as the deployment activities underway across Europe.