Validation projects

Variable profile military reserved areas and enhanced (further automated) civil-military collaboration

Release: 2015

Reference: -

Location: Langen


This solution offers greater flexibility by allowing dynamic airspace management in all phases of ATM operations, from initial planning through to the execution phase, taking into account local traffic characteristics. The solution includes support tools, operational procedures and processes for real-time airspace status data exchange and for managing Variable Profile Area (VPA).

Description of the exercises

Live trials in Langen and Bretigny will demonstrate the feasibility of automatically updating the real airspace status into the Network Manager (NM) system, thereby delivering a collaborative decision-making process between air traffic control (ATC), airspace management (ASM) and NM systems.

Shadow mode trials will take place in Friedrichshafen and Brussels to validate that sharing and using aeronautical information for mission planning provides a suitable base to support State airspace user's mission planning. The trials should also confirm whether an improved Operational Air Traffic or EFPL are sufficient to allow State airspace user's intentions to fly. Validation will also be conducted with regard the integration of the Wing Operations Centre WOC into the Network Management and ASM Management-related processes, and its ability to support mission monitoring for State airspace user's missions.

Expected benefits