Validation projects

Guidance Assistance through Airfield Ground Lighting

Release: 2015

Reference: -

Location: Frankfurt


This solution couples taxi route management with the airfield ground lighting, in order to provide flight crew and vehicle drivers with supplementary means of guidance. Taxiway centre line lights are automatically and progressively switched on in segments as the mobile progresses along its assigned route. Stop bars are automatically activated to mark clearance limit. The air traffic controller can issue simpler and shorter taxi clearances through a "Follow- the-Greens" type instruction.

Description of the exercises

Real-time simulations in Frankfurt will validate the Follow-the-Greens guidance procedures and system, including floating separation for low visibility procedures, Follow-the-Greens transition points (Ground Marker use) and the application of Follow-the-Greens for Remote Apron Control. Finally, exercises conducted at Riga International Airport will validate the maturity of several airport safety net solutions. A combination of live trials and simulations taking place in Toulouse and Milan will confirm the proposed safety performance improvements brought about by the exchange between flight crews and controllers using data link for start-up, pushback, runway exit and taxiing, and the display of cleared routes and dynamic traffic context information to vehicle drivers.

Expected benefits 

  • Improved predictability
  • Enhanced safety
  • Increased capacity