Validation projects

Arrival Management into Multiple Airports

Release: 2015

Reference: -

Location: Langen


Arrival Management into Multiple Airports is a system that combines planning for several arrival streams into different airports by calculating the sequence of aircraft flying towards an area where their routes intersect. By calculating adequate spacing of aircraft, the system can also calculate a Time To Lose (TTL) that the appropriate upstream E-TMA sector can aim to meet.

Description of the exercises

A series of real-time simulations in Langen will aim to demonstrate the benefits produced by tactical planning for converging arrival streams in terms of predictability, environmental sustainability/fuel efficiency, airspace capacity, safety and cost-effectiveness. The exercises will assess the impact on air traffic controllers in handling converging arrival air traffic streams, and the technical systems, training, staffing and team organisation required.

Expected benefits

  • Enhanced predictability
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Increased capacity in TMA / En-Route phases
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Enhanced safety