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    13th of March, 2015
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Highlights from the 2015 World ATM Congress

2015 is an exciting year for the SESAR as the newly launched Deployment Manager starts to ramp up its activities and the SESAR JU prepares a new wave of research and innovation projects within the framework of SESAR 2020. The 2015 World ATM Congress is therefore a perfect opportunity for ATM stakeholders to find out more about these exciting developments and how SESAR is delivering a high performing ATM system for Europe. From 9 to12 March, a number of SESAR-led events took place, focussing on how SESAR activities are spurring on Europe’s ATM connectivity:

SESAR Annual Gathering

The 2015 Annual Gathering featured inspiring talks, updates from the SESAR Research and Innovation (R&I) Programme. The Annual Gathering will also form the backdrop for the 2014 SESAR R&I Project Awards Ceremony and was followed by a networking event.

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SESAR Exchange Theatre

The SESAR Exchange theatre offered a space for participants to hear about some of the technological and operational innovations in the SESAR pipeline, as well as to hear first-hand what the body responsible for SESAR Deployment Management has got planned. This dedicated space also offered participants a chance to meet and speak with those involved in SESAR. Private meetings with specific SJU staff were available upon request.

DAY 1: 10 March 2015

SESAR: The story so far

Integrating RPAS into the European ATM system

SESAR: High performing aviation in Europe, joint session by the SESAR JU and the SESAR Deployment Manager

Improving airport operations with GBAS

DAY 2: 11 March 2015

Towards global interoperability

Let’s deliver together – A session by the SESAR Deployment Manager

Smooth, predictable, efficient: How SESAR improves the flow of traffic in to major airports

Demonstrating SESAR

DAY 3: 12 March 2015

Resilience and SESAR

Let’s deliver together – A session by the SESAR Deployment Manager

Demonstrating Extended Arrival Management (E-AMAN)

The SESAR JU and members DSNA, ENAV, Eurocontrol MUAC, NATS, NORACON, Selex ES and Thales joined together in order to demonstrate how the SESAR Solution of extending arrival management (E-AMAN) to the en-route phase of a flight can significantly reduce the need for aircraft to be subjected to holding and tactical intervention (vectoring, speed control), thereby burning less fuel and generating fewer emissions. This demonstration showcased how through cross-border collaboration between ATM actors, innovative solutions for ATM modernisation can be developed. 

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SESAR: Recognising Excellence

Each year, the SESAR Project Awards run by the SESAR JU recognises projects for their excellence in ATM research. In 2014, the winning projects were singled out for developing an ADS-B performance evaluation framework, airport safety support tools, and passenger-orientated metrics. This session will be another chance to hear about the successes of these projects and will give the audience an opportunity to see how the involvement of different ATM actors can bring unique added-value to the research and development process. 

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SESAR @ 2015 World ATM Congress in pictures

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