• 29 of April, 2019
    10:30 > 15:00
  • Hungarocontrol
    Budapest , Hungary
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HungaroControl invites you to attend the open day of our PJ05 Solution 2 passive shadow validation we carried out in collaboration with Frequentis.
The current one is our second V3 level validation based on Frequentis systems. The first one took place in DLR’s simulator in Braunschweig, Germany in November 2018 with the simulated environment of three Hungarian airports (Budapest Airport RWY1, Pápa Military Airbase and Debrecen Airport) where we looked at how a single ATCO can control three airports at a time in a Multi-Remote Tower Module (MRTM).
The passive shadow validation takes the MRTM concept one step further. We installed camera systems at the three aerodromes involved in the project that provide live video streams that are displayed on a monitor wall. Apart from the video stream, ATCOs are supported by live radar information, can listen to live radio communication and get relevant flight information from Frequentis’s system that relies on live AFTN data.
The open day will include presentations and a live demonstration, followed by a panel discussion with project participants where you will have a chance to ask questions about the validation.