Demonstration projects

Remote Tower Operations (RTO)

Type: concepts

Countries: Netherlands, Sweden, Germany

Domains: TMA


The project will demonstrate Remote Tower Services (AFIS and ATC) at single tower locations in the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany using live and shadow mode operations. Up to 100 flights are envisaged during the project, covering day and night operations. Specific traffic scenarios incorporating Instrument flight Rules (IFR) and Visual Flight Rules (VFR) - two sets of regulations governing all aspects of civil aviation will be defined. Furthermore, the interchange between conventional operations in a local tower and the remote tower facility will be demonstrated. In addition, a demonstration of control at multiple airports is proposed in a simulated environment.


Coordinated by:

Luchtverkeersleiding NL


Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS)

KLM Luchtvaartschool B.V (KLS)

Lufthansa Flight Training Gmgh

Luftfartsverket (LFV)

Stichting Nationaal Lucht