The SESAR 3 JU has published the initial results from its U-space very large-scale demonstrations on the safe and secure integration of drones.

The publication presents the initial results from seven research and innovation projects, namely one industrial research project and six very large-scale demonstrations:

  • AURA ATM: U-space interface (Industrial research, PJ.34)
  • CORUS-XUAM: Concept of operations for European U-space services – extension to urban air mobility
  • AMU-Led: Air mobility urban large experimental demonstrations
  • GOF2.0: Gulf of Finland 2.0 – Integrated urban airspace
  • TINDAIR: Tactical instrumental deconfliction and inflight resolution
  • SAFIR-Med: Safe and flexible integration of advanced U-space services for medical air mobility
  • USPACE4UAM: Bridging the gap between development and deployment of U-space services to enable the safe introduction of UAM in Europe

From 2020 to 2022, these projects carried out tests and trialled solutions aimed at showing the readiness of U-space to manage a broad range of drone operations and related applications, and their interaction with manned aviation.

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