SESAR Solutions

Solutions are operational and technological improvements developed by SESAR members and partners which aim to contribute to the modernisation of the European and global ATM system.

Through the SESAR Release process, solutions are systematically validated in real operational environments in order to have conclusive and sufficient proof to support a decision for their industrialisation.

Since 2011, SESAR has been performing these validation exercises and has so far generated 15 solutions (end 2013). Further solutions will be developed and validated between now and 2016.

Meeting business needs

Solutions demonstrate clear business benefits for the ATM sector when translated into their effective implementation. With this in mind, six key areas have been identified where SESAR is delivering solutions. Click on the links below to find out more. 


Moving from Airspace to 4D Trajectory Management

Moving from Airspace to 4D Trajectory Management entails the systematic sharing of aircraft trajectories between various participants in the ATM process to ensure that all partners have a common view of a flight and have access to the most up-to-date data available to perform their tasks. It enables the dynamic adjustment of airspace characteristics to meet predicted demand with minimum distortions to the aircraft trajectories.

Network Collaborative Management and Dynamic/Capacity Balancing

Collaborative Management of the ATM Network’ relies on successive phases of operation planning from long to medium and short term. In this context, all involved ATM stakeholders progressively share more and more precise data to build a common traffic and operational environment picture called the Network Operations Plan (NOP). This NOP is updated in real time to reflect any changes in ATM operations.

The NOP also covers military activity, taking full account of the needs of mission trajectories and military airspace demands.

Airport Integration and Throughput

‘Airport Integration and Throughput aims at achieving a full integration of airports into the ATM network, ensuring a seamless process through Collaborative Decision Making. Airports will contribute to achieving SESAR performance goals through the increase of runway throughput and improved surface movement management.

System Wide Information Management

The concept of ‘System Wide Information Management’ - SWIM - covers a complete change in paradigm of how information is managed along its full lifecycle, involving stakeholders from across the whole European ATM network. SWIM is SESAR's most important enabler for assuring that the right information will be available with the right quality to the right person at the right time. It covers all ATM information, including aeronautical, flight, aerodrome, meteorological, air traffic flow, and surveillance.

Conflict Management and Automation

Conflict Management and Automation aims at substantially reducing controller task load per flight through a significant enhancement of integrated automation support, whilst simultaneously meeting the safety and environmental goals of SESAR.