Our Staff

The SESAR Joint Undertaking is currently composed of approximately 40 staff as well as seconded national experts and seconded staff from SJU Members. Below you will find the presentation of the SJU’s Management team.

Florian Guillermet

Executive Director


"SESAR is Europe’s most ambitious research and development programme and I am extremely honoured to have been chosen to steer the programme".

Florian Guillermet is an engineer, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and the Civil Aviation Engineering School in France; he also holds a Master degree in aeronautics and airport management.

Florian has been working in the field of Civil Aviation for 15 years. He started his career in the flight planning department of Air France. He then held different managerial positions at the French Air Navigation Service Provider before joining the European Central Flow Management Unit at Eurocontrol. He has been in charge of various operational and IT projects. His experience ranges from ATM systems definition and implementation to network operations management.

He joined the SESAR Joint Undertaking in June 2008 as Chief Programme Officer and is responsible for the definition and execution of the SESAR Programme. Florian was appointed Deputy Executive Director Operations and Programme in January 2012. And on 1 April 2014 he was appointed Executive Director.

His Team:

Sylvie DE BOECK: Assistant to the ED

Véronique HAARSMA: Internal Audit


Peter Hotham, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Corporate Quality, Planning & Support

His team:
Catherine Jeanfils - Philippe Binet - Hubert Huyghe - Jacqueline Kohl - Wendy Jurriens - Peter Dieben - Ilaria Vazzoler - Bernadette Tamo


David Bowen, Chief ATM

David Bowen is the Chief ATM at the SESAR Joint Undertaking where he leads the team responsible for the operational and technical systems content of the SESAR programme.

His team:
Ruben Flohr - Robin Garrity - Marouan Chida - Olivia Nunez - Luca Crecco


Benoit Fonck, Chief Development & Delivery

Benoit Fonck is in charge of the Programme execution as Chief Development & Delivery

His team:
Paula Cortes - Andrea Ranieri - Alfredo Gomez - Alessandro Prister - Ieva Kuznekova - Manuela Alfe - Silvia Alvarez Santos - Ivan de Burgraeve - Laura Serrao - Peter Alty - Serge Bagieu - Paul Dunkley - Ludovic Legros - Olivier Mongénie - Oznur Uygur - Carl Hennart - Anja Van Ecke


Michael Standar, Chief Strategy & External Affairs

His team:
David Batchelor - Triona Keaveney - Christine Stewart - Fiona Mc Fadden - Carnie Lion


José Calvo Fresno, Chief Administration Affairs

His team:
Vicencia Gomes Da Silva - Edita Barauskaite - Laura Gomez Gutierrez - Karine Bansard - Patrick Courtois - Daniella Pavkovic - Simeon Atanasov - Katty Hancq - Christina Christodouli


Alain Siebert, Chief Economist & Master Planning

His team:
François Huet - Mara Dame - Julie Ibalot