Single European Sky partners team up for ICAO’s global and safety air navigation symposia

Dec. 12, 2017

Single European Sky (SES) partners demonstrated the strong collaboration between stakeholders in Europe during ICAO’s global and safety air navigation symposia, which took place from 11-15 December 2017, in Montreal, Canada.

The first event, Second Global Air Navigation Industry Symposium (GANIS/2), provided a platform for global and regional industry partners to share their latest developments, thus identifying commonalities/differences between the systems to ensure interoperability and facilitating the harmonisation of air navigation systems. Meanwhile, the second event, the First Safety and Air Navigation Implementation Symposium (SANIS/1), showcased the safety and air navigation implementation strategies with ICAO’s Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) and Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) as complementary global plans and therefore drivers for performance improvements and promoted collaboration among all stakeholders.

The Single European Sky (SES) partners were represented by the European Commission, Eurocontrol, also in its role as Network Manager, European Aviation Safety Agency, European Defence Agency and EUROCAE as the European leader on industry standards in aviation, as well as the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) and the SESAR Deployment Manager (SESAR DM). All joined forces at the event with interventions at the conference focusing on key areas of SES/SESAR relevant to the GANP/GASP evolution, as well as with a SES/SESAR stand at the exhibition in order to showcase how Europe is working together in a harmonised way in order to modernise Europe’s skies.

Against this background, the theme of “working together” was central to the opening keynote speech of SESAR JU’s Executive Director, Florian Guillermet, who highlighted how the successful delivery and implementation of new globally interoperable and innovative SESAR solutions relies on strong collaboration between all aviation stakeholders and the different mechanisms and bodies of the SES, as well as SESAR’s industry partners.

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A number of SES representatives and SESAR members participated in the conference sessions and discussions, promoting the central role of SESAR and EU industry in driving forward ATM modernisation in the context of the EU Aviation Strategy and the ICAO vision. The event also served as a platform to emphasise the need for global harmonisation and interoperability and helped to demonstrate the synergies of the European ATM Master Plan with the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP).

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