Jean-Marc Alias, Thales

SESAR has been critical to moving Europe closer to the vision of a Single European Sky

2016 marks the completion of the first phase of SESAR research and innovation (SESAR 1) and the delivery of technological and operational solutions ready for deployment. In this article, Jean-Marc Alias, Vice President in Charge of ATM Business, Thales, shares his thoughts on the achievements of the SESAR JU partnership.

Thales is pleased to congratulate and recognise the important achievements of the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) on the historic occasion of the closing of the initial SESAR development programme. 

Thales, together with Airbus, our Air Traffic Alliance partner, advocated for the creation of a European ATM Master Plan and research agenda to steer the critical common standards, operating concepts and technology development required to form the foundation of the Single European Sky.  The SESAR Joint Undertaking emerged from these early efforts.  More than 10 years later, we are proud of SESAR JU’s accomplishments and remain committed to the initiative through our leading role in the ongoing development phase and the support of our customer’s efforts within the recently-launched deployment phase.

Through our unique, global position in airborne, ground and space aeronautical systems, complemented by our expertise in both military and civilian domains, Thales has a unique ability to understand the specific needs and constraints of the various European ATM System modernization stakeholders: airlines, ANSPs, airport operators, the network manager and military users.  SESAR created an ideal environment for Thales to work together with customers and partners, in close industrial collaboration, on short, medium and long-term topics which are critical to substantial improvements in aviation safety, capacity and efficiency. 

The SESAR JU plays a critical role bringing European industry together to refine the roadmap for ATM modernization as well as develop the various operational concepts, procedures and technologies required for its realization.  The SESAR JU facilitates the alignment of European industry, accelerating the development of solutions to cross-border challenges. The experimentation and validation efforts conducted within the SESAR programme have been critical to reducing risk and moving Europe closer to the vision of a Single European Sky.  It is fair to say that without the SESAR JU, the operational improvements achieved in recent years could not have materialized in the same time frame.

With the launch of the deployment phase and continued development of more advanced capabilities, Thales looks forward to continuing its strong industrial leadership role and working with our many European customers to prepare the solution of the future.