• SJU reference # PJ.03b-05 /Release 2019
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  • Benefits Safety
  • Status In the pipeline

Traditionally, pilots rely on their line of sight and instructions from air traffic control to avoid collisions. The candidate solution “traffic alerts for pilots for airport operations” - a software-based system - provides a very last warning to pilots of imminent collisions on runways or taxiways.

Specifically the system analyses aircraft position data and calculates factors, such as time to collision, through specialised algorithms to alert pilots of surrounding aircraft. In the case of business aircraft, the system provides timely surface traffic indications and warnings to the flight crew. These include visual awareness on the airport moving map display in the cockpit as well as an audio alarm.

The solution is designed to require minimal changes to existing avionics and uses ADS-B, a globally mandated technology upgrade due by 2020, to make installation of the solution quick and simple. The solution is applicable to commercial aircraft and business aircraft with varying degrees of functionality. Its success depends on the performance and quality reception of broadcast ADS-B aircraft data and compliance with the relevant standards.


  • Enhanced safety & security