• SJU reference # PJ.15-10 /Release 9
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Airspace users and navigation service providers use static aeronautical data to receive long term or permanent information such as PERM notice to airmen (PERM NOTAMs), as opposed to dynamic information such as the last operational status of airspace or route activation. SESAR is looking at the feasibility of providing static information in digital form at network level so that it becomes efficiently accessible as a common service to different ATM civil and military systems.

The network-consolidated output is an AIXMcompliant dataset whose subsets can be retrieved by individual requests demanding specific geographical areas, attributes or functional features. The service is foreseen to provide static information in a first step. Currently only static information is available in AIXM format, but the service is expected to evolve in the future to also provide dynamic information when this becomes available in the AIXM format, for example providing digital NOTAM.

The European Commission has mandated that Member States implement aeronautical information exchange among a number of ATM sub-functionalities based on initial SWIM (iSWIM) to support digital aeronautical data as an AIXM data set, as part of the PCP. This supports the business case for a static aeronautical data service and SESAR is addressing the technical and operational feasibility of the common service

SJU references: #PJ.15-10 / Release 9


  • Increased cost efficiency
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