• SJU reference # 01 /Release 5
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Runway status lights (RWSL) include three types of high intensity LED lights: runway entrance lights (RELs), warning an aircraft about to enter the runway from a taxiway that the runway is not safe to enter, take-off hold lights (THLs) warning pilots that it is not safe to take-off from the runway, and runway intersection lights (RILs) to prevent flight crew and vehicle drivers from entering or crossing an active runway that is already occupied. Embedded in the pavement, the red warning lights alert the pilot or the vehicle driver the instant the runway is unsafe due to the detection of mobile behavior by the A-SMGCS.

The RWSL are unique in providing instant visual alerts, and operate simultaneously with, and in addition to, other safety nets such as on-board alerts and air traffic control safety nets. The system improves awareness of runway usage, and reduces the risk collision on the runway. It applies equally to aircraft and vehicle traffic and does not require additional equipment in the cockpit or driver’s cab.

This solution is now implemented in Zurich and Paris Charles de Gaulle airports.

SJU references: #01/Release 5


• Enhanced  runway safety
• Increased situational awareness