• SJU reference # 05 /Release 4
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Extended-AMAN (E-AMAN) allows for the sequencing of arrival traffic much earlier than is currently the case, by extending the AMAN horizon from the airspace close to the airport to further upstream and so allowing more smooth traffic management. Controllers in the upstream sectors, which may be in a different control centre or even a different functional airspace block (FAB), obtain system advisories to support an earlier pre-sequencing of aircraft. Controllers implement those advisories by, for example, instructing pilots to adjust the aircraft speed along the descent or even before top-of-descent, thus reducing the need for holding and decreasing fuel consumption.

SJU references: #05/Release 4


  • Improved operational efficiency by reducing holding times
  • Improved operational efficiency by reducing fuel burn and emissions
  • Efficiency in terms of air navigation service provision
  • Improved safety and quality of service