• SJU reference # PJ.03a-01 /Release 2019
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Maintaining throughput rates in all weather conditions is a challenge at busy airports, but there are tools available, which can help to guide aircraft and vehicles safely around the airfield. The high-level objective for this candidate solution is to increase pilots’ and vehicle drivers’ situational awareness by providing them with supplementary guidance means in all weather conditions. Both pilots and vehicle drivers use an airport moving map, which shows the airport layout including taxiways, runways and fixed obstacles. It also displays the status of stop bars and virtual stop bars, tracks the position of the aircraft or vehicle, and shows the clearance to taxi as issued by air traffic control.

The candidate solution aims at optimising surface operations by providing controllers with advanced support tools for planning and routing of aircraft and vehicles. By linking the display with virtual stop bars - first introduced for controllers in SESAR 1 – both drivers and controllers receive an alert if a vehicle inadvertently enters an area without clearance. The application of dynamic virtual block control contributes to smoother and more predictable traffic flow during low visibility conditions. The candidate solution also addresses the integration of airport sequencing tools such as arrival and departure management functions, and can be extended to include airfield ground lighting control to provide ‘follow-the-greens’ services.

Controllers are supported by an enhanced controller working position with centralised routing and planning optimisation algorithms, which provide better space representation, including satellite-based positioning with high integrity provided by mobiles, to return consistent plans to all stakeholders with minimised conflicts.


  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced airport capacity
  • Increased operational and cost efficiency 
  • Improved predictability and punctuality
  • Enhanced security