• SJU reference # PJ.15-02 /Release 9
  • Stakeholders
  • Benefits Cost-efficiency
  • Status In the pipeline

In accordance with SES cost-efficiency objectives, the extended arrival management (E-AMAN) common service aims to provide arrival sequences where multiple actors are involved; for example multiple airport operators, arrival management systems, area control centres, upper area airspace management, as well as the Network Manager. This common service supports the E-AMAN solution by providing the technical capability to extend the arrival management process, including arrival sequencing and planning functions, and distributing this information to all involved actors using SWIM capability.

This service provides E-AMAN information to different consumers and provides local arrival planning information according to their needs, for example indicating total delay to support queue management. This information can be used in planning and tactical operations, for example providing departure delay times or for speed advisories during flight. The service improves cost efficiency by reducing the number of system deployments and technical structures in operation. It also supports enhanced airspace capacity and runway throughput, optimised flight trajectories, reduced delays at network level, less holding time and less fuel consumption.
SESAR is addressing the technical and operational feasibility of two different implementation options: colocation of E-AMAN and federation of E-AMAN.

SJU references: #PJ.15-02/Release 9


  • Increased cost efficiency