• SJU reference # PJ.15-09 /Release 2019
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  • Benefits Cost-efficiency
    Operational efficiency
  • Status In the pipeline

With virtual centres, Europe is breaking away from the conventional architecture for air traffic management. These centres aim to decouple the physical controller working position (CWP) from the remote provision of ATM data and technical services, such as flight data distribution and management. The aim is to enable greater flexibility when it comes to organising ATC operations and, in doing so, seamless and more cost-efficient service provision to airlines and other airspace users. SESAR is exploring different possible uses cases. These include the delegation of ATS among ATSUs based on traffic and organisation needs, either static on fix-time transfer scheduling (day/night) or dynamic when the traffic density is below/over a certain level. The use cases also cover delegation to support contingency needs, allowing ATSUs to transfers responsibility in cases of service degradation or failure.

SJU references: #PJ.15-09/Wave 2


  • Increased operational and cost efficiency
  • Enhanced security