• SJU reference # 61 /Release 1
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The use of a simple airport departure data entry panel (ADDEP) provides a lowcost solution to compute and share aircraft electronic pre-departure data across the air traffic management network, between the tower and approach controllers, as well as the tower and the Network Manager. Trials carried out at a small airport tested a standalone panel which the controllers used to input data such as pushback clearance, taxi and cleared for take-off. This ADDEP then generated departure messages which could be used to update the local flow management centre and the Network Manager.

This solution is implemented in 19 airports in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and France, and planned for 18 airports in Spain, Poland, United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.

SJU references: #61/ Release 1


  • Significant improvement in traffic predictability
  • Increased network capacity
  • Better runway configuration and management