• SJU reference # PJ.25.01 /Release 10
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  • Status Available for industrialisation/deployment
  • Maturity Level V3/TRL6

The solution aims at balancing demand on XMAN Services with air traffic controller workload in order to make best use of the available ACC/UAC resources.

The information regarding the demand/availability of the Arrival Manager (AMAN) service is shared, via a portal, between TMAs/airports and ACCs: with the advent of multiple Extended AMAN (E- AMAN) operations in the core area of Europe it will become necessary to coordinate these especially between ATS units and the E-AMAN units.

The solution increases the situational awareness of what is going-on at various airports by providing information on the current arrival situation and provides a collaboration platform with multi-lateral communication mechanism for information sharing and decision making enabling the application of XMAN strategies.

These XMAN strategies are defined and prepared per flow regarding sector airspace design, coordinated through a CDM process between all ATSUs involved and activated per flow and per period of time when required.

The solution contributes to make a better use of available resources, reduce vectoring and holding and fuel consumption.


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