• SJU reference # PJ.07-02 /Release 2019
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  • Benefits Predictability
  • Status In the pipeline

When traffic is congested, airlines have little opportunity to propose alternative solutions to reduce the impact on their operations. SESAR 1 research initiated the user-driven prioritisation process (UDPP), which gives more flexibility to airspace users to reschedule their flights to keep their business-driven schedule priorities on track
when facing capacity constraints and delays. For example, they can reorder the flights in the congested airspace or airports.

This candidate solution sees the extension of airspace user capabilities, through the UDPP, allowing them to recommend a priority order request to the Network Manager, with other ATM stakeholders and appropriate airport authorities, for flights affected by delays on departure, arrival and en-route in capacity-constrained situations.
It goes beyond the enhanced slot-swapping and departure flexibility introduced in SESAR 1 to provide a full set of prioritisation options and methods adapted to the different situations and types of airspace users.

SJU references #PJ.07-02 Wave 2


  • Enhanced predictability and punctuality ƒ