• SJU reference # 02 /Release 5
  • Stakeholders
  • Benefits Safety
  • Status Available for industrialisation/deployment

As part of advanced surface movement guidance and control systems (A-SMGCS) activities, new generation automation systems have been included in validations to see how various tools can operate together to provide integrated airport safety nets. These validations assessed the relevance of alerts to tower controllers in case of conflicting clearances (e.g. line up and landing clearances given at the same time on the same runway) and in case of mobile behavior (i.e. aircraft or vehicle) not complying with ATC instructions or procedures. The introduction of electronic flight strips in many control towers means that instructions given by a controller are available electronically and can be integrated with other data such as flight plan, surveillance, routing and published rules and procedures. The integration of this data allows the system to monitor the information and alert the controller when inconsistencies are detected. 

SJU references: #02/Release 5


-Increased situational awareness
-Improved safety on and around the runway