• SJU reference # PJ.11-A4 /Release 2019
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  • Benefits Safety
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General aviation and rotorcraft have specific operational specificities and limited capability to carry equipment. They nevertheless operate in the same airspace as aircraft equipped with ACAS, and could benefit from collision avoidance advisories. SESAR aims to improve operational safety by mitigating the risk of mid-air collision between the aircraft in the same category, as well as between different aircraft categories and commercial or business jets equipped with ACAS, or with military aircraft flying through civil airspace.

To reduce the risk of mid-air collision between aircraft with mixed equipage, SESAR is looking at the functional enhancement of existing situation awareness systems such as ADS-B. For example, providing general aviation pilots, rotorcraft, or military jets with information about potential RAs included in ADS-B reports that affect
them enables these pilots to determine what action is needed. The pilot is not provided with a resolution manoeuvre but is made aware of which manoeuvres to avoid in order to determine the appropriate manoeuvre with general aviation or rotorcraft-adapted advisories.

ACAS Xp aims to provide this capability to general aviation and rotorcraft. The focus is on determining European needs and requirements related to ACAS Xp and providing inputs to European and US standards agencies EUROCAE and RTCA.


  • Enhanced safety