French provider in charge of air navigation services

DSNA, the French ANSP, operates 5 Area Control Centres (ACC) and 9 mainland regional structures (SNA) for approach and aerodrome control services, along with 3 overseas regional structures. DSNA is represented in 81 control towers.

DSNA has its Headquarters in Paris and reports to the French Civil Aviation Authority. DSNA is set up of an Operations Directorate (in Athis-Mons, near Paris) and a Technical and Innovation Directorate (in Toulouse).

With nearly 3,000,000 flights a year and 70 days of more than 9,000 flights per day in 2013, France is the country that controls the most flights in Europe. This performance and the very high level of safety associated with it are the result of the daily effort of DSNA’s 7,600 highly qualified employees. DSNA’s mission also consists of delivering communication / navigation / surveillance services for air traffic and supplying and distributing aeronautical information required for flight operation.

Involvement in Workpackages

Through its membership, the French ANSP actively participates in 56 projects, involving almost 100 of its employees, including operational experts. As leader of the En-Route SESAR work package, DSNA also contributes to projects related to airports, Terminal Manoeuvring Area (TMA), network and some transversal activities. In addition to its participation in these projects and the programme’s development phase, the French ANSP is also part of the A6 alliance of ANSPs, which seeks to provide a catalyst for the ANSPs’ contribution to the modernisation of the European Air Traffic Management (ATM) system.

Validating the work undertaken in SESAR is a major focus of DSNA’s membership. A simulation platform at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, which integrates prototypes provided by Thales, is extensively used by the French ANSP to validate enhanced capabilities for airport surface management, such as integrating Departure Manager (DMAN) and surface routing functionalities. Both of these are key features of the proposed Pilot Common Project (PCP), the first set of ATM functionalities which are ready for synchronised deployment. Paris-Charles de Gaulle is also hosting on-going validation activities on Runway Status Light (RWSL). Through this validation work, key safety benefits for airport surface operations are expected.

DSNA will continue to actively participate in SESAR validation exercises. DSNA also takes part in a number SESAR Demonstration Projects, which it sees as important opportunities to make progress on operational concepts and procedures within a live and larger traffic environment.