Collaborating across borders to reduce delays

Mar. 3, 2017

Extended-AMAN (E-AMAN) allows for the sequencing of arrival traffic much earlier than is currently the case, by extending the AMAN horizon from the airspace close to the airport to further upstream and so allowing more smooth traffic management. In November 2015, the solution entered into force in Heathrow Airport by NATS and sees controllers from the four countries working together to slow down aircraft when there are significant delays at the airport, reducing the amount of time they’d otherwise have to spend in the fuel intensive holding stacks just outside Heathrow. To date, NATS has recorded a reduction of up to one minute in holding times for those aircraft influenced by the solution. This equates to annual savings of 15,000 tonnes of CO2, 4,700 tonnes of fuel, or €4 million (based on 2014 fuel figures), as well as a reduction in noise for communities beneath the holding stacks.  The solution is due for synchronised deployment across Europe in accordance with the Pilot Common Project.