Currently, aircraft fly an average of 20 km further than the most direct route between two points. With the SESAR Solution, free route, allows airlines to fly the most optimised route in terms of flight and fuel efficiency. The solution is part of Europe’s synchronised deployment programme (PCP).

For example, in 2018 the South East Common Sky Initiative Free Route Airspace (SECSI FRA)  was successfully implemented, with the support of the Network Manager, delivering the shortest route options from Central Europe to South Eastern Europe.  Based on the shortest route assignment potential savings per day are up to 1.940 NM in flight distance, 285 minutes in flight time, a reduction in fuel consumption of 8,000 kg and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 25,500kg. Meanwhile, free route is progressively going into operation across nine European countries as part of the Borealis Alliance , representing 38% of all flights in Europe.