Freedom in Europe’s skies

Mar. 3, 2017

Under the current network structure, aircraft fly an average of 20 km further than the most direct route between two points. Free route represents a step forward offering more direct flight planning route options on a large scale, crossing flight information regions and national borders. In December 2016, free route airspace was implemented within the BLUE MED functional airspace block by Italy’s ENAV and Malta’s MATS simultaneously. This is a major airspace project jointly coordinated and implemented by ENAV and MATS, which will provide the ability of all operators to flight plan any direct route by indicating only an entry and an exit point in Free Route airspace. This will result in significant benefits in fuel and CO2 emission reductions for all flights operating above 33,500 feet. Further free routing implementation in the coming years as part of Europe’s synchronised deployment (Pilot Common Project).