• 8 of November, 2022
    10:30 > 13:00
  • online event
  • Map

The open demo event will present highlights of the recent validation of the extended optimised separation delivery (eOSD) tool, which builds on validation activities conducted in SESAR Wave 1 PJ.02-01, by extending the functionality of the tool to support more granular, reduced SID route separations on departure, as well as introducing support for applying optimised route flow restrictions. A Real-Time Simulation (RTS) validation activity involved simulating the London Heathrow Tower environment with NATS controllers, handling outbound departure traffic, utilising eOSD.

The online session will go through the concept and validation objectives, initial results from the real-time Simulation, and a Q&A session with a Heathrow tower NATS controller who participated in the simulations.

A definitive invitation, detailed agenda and instructions for the online session will be sent out before the open demo event.

Please express your interest in participation by sending an e-mail with the subject ‘SESAR PJ.37-W3-01B Departure Demo’, with your name and organisation to: natalie.morey@nats.co.uk