• 18 of October
    19 of October, 2022
  • Toulouse , France
  • Map

A call for papers has been published for the “Towards Sustainable Aviation” Summit, which take place from 18 to 20 October 2022, in Toulouse, France. Organised by 3AF, the French Aerospace Society, this international conference will bring together stakeholders from across the aeronautical ecosystem to discuss the pathway to carbon neutral aviation.

The conference programme will address four key topics, namely eco-design of aircraft, operations, new industry set-up and energy propulsion. Under the theme “operations”, the following will be covered:


  • Ground operations
  • Maintenance and predictive   maintenance
  • Flight operations

From “ATM” to “The digitalisation of the infrastructure  supporting aviation” and the reliance on strong  air/ground system integration 

  • Hyper connectivity and machine to machine applications
  • Lead time reduction DevOps
  • Single Pilot Operations
  • Digital cockpit and ground assistants
  • Certified AI for better airborne operations
  • “Zero waste” trajectories
  • New ways of flying


  • Connection from home to airport
  • Post-COVID remaining issues
  • Airport design for passenger’s flow efficiency
  • Airport Security
  • Ground handling
  • New energies deployment
  • Integration of Safety Management Systems
  • Cross-fertilisation between security and safety standards

Those interested are invited to submit paper abstracts by 20 June.

More details about the conference and paper submission deadlines: