• 27 of September, 2021
    15:00 > 17:30
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CORUS-XUAM will demonstrate how U-space services and solutions could support integrated urban air mobility (UAM) flight operations, allowing air taxis, drones and other airspace users (unmanned and manned) to operate safely, securely, sustainably and efficiently in a controlled and fully integrated airspace.
The project's activities have started with an update of the CORUS project's U-space ConOps. This addresses the integration of UAM and drone operations into the airspace, and identifies new U3/U4 services necessary. Initial findings from this work will be presented during the workshop, which will include the following:

  • Presentation of a general overview and the objectives of CORUS-XUAM 
  • Perspectives from society, industry and service providers
  • Moderated panel discussion