• 1st of July, 2021
    15:00 > 17:00
  • Online
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This webinar is the third in a series, organised by the SESAR JU and EUROCONTROL, presenting LDACS, a new aviation communication system. It follows on from “A general introduction to LDACS” and “Technical details and capabilities of LDACS” by focussing on deployment and transition scenarios of LDACS on board of aircraft and the complementary ground infrastructure.

The webinar will set off with the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) perspective on the decisions needed and the mechanisms established to facilitate LDACS deployment. It will then provide an inside view on the requirements and planning of aircraft operators and avionics manufacturers. From there an overview on Communication Service Providers and Air Navigation Service Providers perspective deploying and operating LDACS ground infrastructure and services will be presented. The remaining time will be dedicated to discussing questions from the audience.


1. Welcome and Opening – Klauspeter Hauf, DFS

2. LDACS deployment scenarios – Davide Corinaldesi, SESAR Deployment Manager

3. Aircraft deployment:

  • Airline perspective – Laurent Puzenat (JURG Co-Chair – Air France)
  • Avionics manufacturer view – Thomas Boegl, Rohde & Schwarz

4. Ground deployment

  • The LDACS Transition Concept (LTC) – A proposal for LDACS ground deployment and transition – Gareth Lawton, SITA for Aircraft
  • ANSP view - Ricardo De Sousa, NATS, Maria Goretti Ruiz / Mario Garcia, ENAIRE, Armin Schlereth, DFS and Volker Stuhlsatz / Thierry Salée Eurocontrol Maastricht UAC

5. Q&A - moderated by Klauspeter Hauf, DFS


Other webinars in the series include:

1/ A general introduction to LDACS (completed, webinar recording available here)

2/ Technical details and capabilities of LDACS (completed, webinar recording available here)

3/ Deployment options and transition scenarios (1 July 2021, 15.00-17.00)

4/ Economic and Business considerations for all stakeholders (September 2021)



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