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15 June 11.00-12.00 : Exploring the boundaries of ATM - Project results on enabling trajectory-based operations

By joining this webinar, participants will be able to get an overview of the results of two of the SJU funded projects in the domain of exploratory research: ADAPT and COTTON , which both focus on trajectory based operations for increased airspace user flexibility.

The ADAPT project proposes strategic models to predict the volume, flexibility and complexity of traffic demand taking into account both individual flights and network infrastructure. Read more on ADAPT

The COTTON project looked at how to maximise the effectiveness of capacity management processes in trajectory-based operations taking full advantage of available trajectory information. Specifically, the project explored the integration of demand and capacity and flight centric solutions. Read more on COTTON 

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Past Webinars

28-30 April 2020: U-space webinars

SESAR JU members and partners recently brought to a close two years of research and development (R&D) on how to integrate safely and securely drones across Europe, within the framework of U-space, an initiative by the European Commission. Organised within the framework of the SESAR Digital Academy, these sessions presented the work of some of these projects addressing the concept of operations for U-space, critical communications, surveillance and tracking, information management and exchange, detect and avoid, and CNS technologies.

Replay those three webinars sessions that attracted over 1,400 participants

U-space: From concept to reality
Taking up the U-space challenge
Demonstrating U-space

The projects that were presented were co-funded by the European Union, through the following programmes