Enabling System-wide information management (SWIM)

Oct. 1, 2019

SESAR is paving the way for the seamless information data access and exchange in air traffic management between all stakeholders, thanks to its work on system-wide information exchange (SWIM).  The first SESAR JU programme (2008-2016) saw the delivery of the technological solution with several key elements, including: an aeronautical information reference model (AIRM) to ensure semantic interoperability;  an information service reference model (ISRM) to ensure organisational interoperability; SWIM technical infrastructure (SWIM TI) profiles and architecture to enable technical interoperability; and a SWIM registry to improve the visibility and accessibility of ATM information and services available through SWIM.

These elements are now enabling the development and Europe-wide deployment of initial SWIM services targeting data exchange between various stakeholders in the ATM ecosystem through pre-existing data transfer networks, such as NewPENS (“digital backbone”). A good example is the business-to-business service which SESAR founding member, Eurocontrol, has put in place to support the network operations plan (NOP) of the European Network Manager (NM). The NOP provides a means for all actors, civil and military, to increase their respective knowledge of the situation from the strategic phase to real-time operations.