Visual signals to safeguard runway users

Jun. 16, 2019

Runway incursions are among the greatest risks in airport operations today. By installing lights which automatically alert when it is unsafe to enter a runway, airports can provide runway users with an early warning of a potential hazard.

SESAR has developed solution #01 "Runway Status Lights" that includes three types of high intensity LED lights: runway entrance lights (RELs), warning an aircraft about to enter the runway from a taxiway that the runway is not safe to enter, take-off hold lights (THLs) warning pilots that it is not safe to take-off from the runway, and runway intersection lights (RILs) to prevent flight crew and vehicle drivers from entering or crossing an active runway that is already occupied.
Embedded in the pavement, the red warning lights alert the pilot or the vehicle driver the instant the runway is unsafe due to the detection of mobile behavior by the A-SMGCS. 

This SESAR solution #01 is now implemented at Z├╝rich and Paris CDG airports