A baseline for on-time departure

Apr. 16, 2019

Waiting in a queue for take-off burns unnecessary fuel, generates delay and unpredictability and is frustrating for passengers. Fortunately, we encounter these queues less and less, due to a large extent to the way the departure management process is transforming departure time from an informed estimate into a precise art.

The departure manager (DMAN) tool takes into account the scheduled departure times, slot constraints, runway constraints and airport factors. In doing so, it improves traffic predictability, cost efficiency and environmental sustainability, as well as safety. By taking into consideration information such as the aircraft’s readiness to leave its parking stand, runway capacity and slot constraints, tower controllers can optimise the pre-departure sequence.

SESAR Solution #106 "Departure manager (DMAN) baseline for integrated AMAN DMAN" is successfully implemented at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.