WAC 2019: SES/SESAR WAC Partners Tour

The SESAR walking tours are open to contributions from any project that is funded by SESAR – either Research, Demonstration or Deployment related activities. The aim of these walking tours is to give the WAC audience a chance to meet with experts from the SESAR community and see first-hand the wide variety of solutions that are being delivered and deployed across Europe.

Tours will be clustered into a series of topics/themes based on the contributions that we receive.

SESAR members/partners may submit more than one proposal for inclusion in the walking tours as we expect that the tours will be on more than one topic/subject matter.

The deadline for contributions is 30 November 2018

Propose your SESAR Walking Tour for the World ATM Congress 2019

Provide some of the project results, providing on tangible/quantitative information in max 5 bullets and no more than 100 words:
Please also include the nature of the exhibition e.g. what will you be presenting and how?

Please complete and return this form no later than 29 November 2019.