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Will you participate to the ENGAGE workshop (2 Dec, 9.30AM-4.30PM)
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The second data-driven trajectory prediction workshop organised by the Engage KTN will take place on Monday 02 December 2019, co-located at the SIDs. This will build on the success of the first workshop, hosted by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, where ATM stakeholders and data scientists discussed the methodologies and benefits of improved trajectory prediction in the context of airspace users’ needs. The second workshop will present research being undertaken within the Engage KTN (PhDs and catalyst-funded projects), with a focus on advanced methodologies such as adaptive prediction, agent-based deconfliction, and machine learning, with a facilitated session to debate the ways forward. The workshop is free of charge and capacity is limited.

Please check the Engage website for further details and registration form

Location: National Centre of Scientific Research "Demokritos", Neapoleos 10, Ag. Paraskevi 153 10, Greece
Will you participate to the COTTON workshop (2 Dec, 9AM-4.30PM)
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COTTON builds an integrated view of future Capacity Management (CM) processes by exploring how complexity assessment can help Dynamic Airspace Configuration (DAC) and Flight Centric ATC (FCA) and their integration, taking advantage of the trajectory information that is available in a Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) environment. 

COTTON Final Workshop aims at disseminating its results among its main stakeholders and the research community, with the ultimate goal of facilitating a proper integration of COTTON outcomes within the future DCB processes. The workshop will be divided into two main parts; the first one will be focused on the presentation of the project, the second one will consist on group dynamics (paper gaming style) emulating some of the COTTON complexity assessment applications to DCB. During the wrap-up, the DCB applications proposed will be analysed and further research and exploitation routes of COTTON outputs in Industrial Research projects identified.

The following project outcomes will be analysed during the workshop:
  • COTTON Enhanced Complexity Metrics, which better support DAC and FCA processes.
  • COTTON Probabilistic Complexity for Capacity Management in ATM.
  • Integration of Demand Uncertainty within Capacity Management.
  • Enhanced COTTON Complexity Management to support integrated DAC/ FCA processes.

The COTTON workshop will take place in the main lecture room (capacity: 40 people); Register directly via

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