• 27 of June, 2018
    10:00 > 17:00
  • Eurocontrol, rue de la Fusée 96
    Brussels , Belgium
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Putting the focus on the user expectations

During the SESAR ATM Masterplan launch event in Tallinn, in November 2017, the focus of European R&D was set on the Digitalisation of the European aviation infrastructure.

The SESAR 2020 Project Virtual Centre (16.03) is central to the operational and technical feasibility of Virtual Centres.

Join the Project 16.03 team on a one-day workshop that will based on the developments of the Wave 1 of the SESAR 2020 work, linking them with the initial outcomes from the “study on a proposal for the future architecture of the European Airspace” and, most importantly, to provide your own views, expectations and plans on virtualisation.

The expected outcome of this event is to achieve a deeper understanding of the future applications of such a concept and the implementation timelines that need to be considered. The project also hopes to feed the results into the second wave of SESAR 2020 projects.

Enrole now, only 60 seats are available for the venue, and be part of the validation of the future European CWP/HMI services.

Please announce your participation to thomas.buchanan@skyguide.ch, who is managing the communication aspects of the project.

For security reasons and for organisational purposes, prior announcement of participation is required.

Further information can be obtained through the project coordinator Richard BEAULIEU, richard.beaulieu@thalesgroup.com