• 12 of April, 2018
  • International Airport
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Exploring new concepts in air traffic management and airports

Encouraging new ideas and fresh thinking is critical for innovation in aviation in order to respond to the growing demand for air travel and the increasing number of air vehicles, such as drones, taking to the skies. That is why at the SESAR Joint Undertaking supports exploratory research and has created an innovation pipeline in the research programme that transforms innovative ideas into solutions to increase the performance of air traffic management (ATM).

A workshop organised by ACI EUROPE and the SESAR Joint Undertaking on 12 April, kindly hosted by Malta International Airport, will present promising results from a number of SESAR exploratory projects on topics addressing aspects of airport operations, as well as the broader ATM value chain. Topics to be presented will include:

  • Augmented/virtual reality and enhanced vision technologies
  • Automation
  • Complexity and data science
  • Economics and market analysis
  • Enhanced environment & meteorology solutions

The ACI EUROPE-SESAR workshop will take place in the main Terminal (floor -1) of Malta International Airport.

Participants of the ACI EUROPE-SESAR workshop are also invited to attend an event organised by Take Control (TaCo) on 11 April, a SESAR exploratory research assessing the use of automated tools by controllers for airport operations. Further information will be provided in the coming weeks.

In case you need any assistance, please contact Duarte Gouveia (+351 96 30 39 288).

Read about SESAR exploratory research: http://www.sesarju.eu/approach/development

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