Seventh SESAR Innovation Days

  • 28th of November
    30th of November, 2017
  • Vojvode Stepe 305
    Belgrade , Serbia
  • Map

The seventh SESAR innovation Days (SIDs) shared the results of the SESAR 2020 exploratory research projects, and showed how these results may be fed into the other strands of the SESAR 2020 programme, namely the industrial research activities and large-scale demonstrations. The event, hosted by the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering) also presented research results from outside the programme, thereby ensuring a link between SESAR and the broader air traffic management and aviation research field.

SIDs brought together established academics as well as younger researchers from the European aviation research community to foster new thinking and knowledge sharing. The event featured panel discussions, poster sessions and an exhibition, and plenty of opportunities for networking. The event also hosted the Young Scientist Award, which recognises and supports exemplary research on ATM modernisation from up and coming academics.

“New thinking and unconventional ideas that come out of SESAR’s exploratory research projects are sowing the seeds for air traffic management modernisation. We need to find ways to build on the results and feed them into the SESAR innovation pipeline. The SESAR Innovation Days offers a perfect platform to explore the results of these projects and encourage knowledge transfer,” says Florian Guillermet, Executive Director, SESAR Joint Undertaking.