Validation projects

Display and use of ACAS resolution advisory downlink on the controller working position

Release: 2014

Reference: -

Location: Langen


Controllers are automatically informed when ACAS generates a resolution advisory (RA). This improvement is intended to complement voice reporting by pilots.

Validation results

Real-time simulations in Langen confirmed the solution’s feasibility; however they did not reach conclusive results on the best operational procedure, the solution’s contribution to safety and the final specifications for the human-machine interface. Quantitative results were not collected since the exercise was unable to reproduce authentic RAs using the safety support tools.


The exercises partially demonstrated the maturity of the SESAR Solution. Further R&D is required to:

• establish an operationally acceptable procedure (including legal aspects);

• quantify safety benefits;

• evaluate the interaction with other controller working position (CWP) functions;

• evaluate equipment costs.