Validation projects

Initial SWIM

Release: 2015

Reference: -

Location: Milan


This solution brings together several core elements for the initial implementation of System Wide Information Management, namely services for information exchange and governance; SWIM security; SWIM Technical Infrastructure Profiles, SWIM Foundation; ATM Information Reference Model (AIRM) and Information Service Reference Model (ISRM).

Description of the exercises

Shadow mode exercises in Milan will validate a range of SWIM services in relation to airport performance monitoring, A-CDM integration and DCB management processes. Specifically these services address airport MET induced capacity reduction, calculated TSAT and TTOT provision, flight alert, inbound and outbound publications, and partner TOBT/TSAT/TTOT sets.

Real-time simulations in Vienna will assess enhancements in pilot briefing applications, based on Digital NOTAM, digital MET and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) data, which aim to improve the situational awareness of pilots and reduce briefing times. SWIM Aeronautical Information Feature services and a new MET service will also be validated during these exercises.

In Langen, Runway in Use services with planned configuration support will be validated in relation to advanced surface planning and surface safety nets, as well as the provision of taxi route via data link, and their integration into the controller’s working position. SWIM Met services will also be assessed within the framework of these exercises.

A SWIM EFPL Submission service will be used in shadow mode exercises in Brussels and Friedrichshafen to validate the operational feasibility of the use of the EFPL in the flight plans acceptance and distribution processes of the Network Manager. SWIM ARES services will underpin live trials in Langen and Bretigny to demonstrate the technical feasibility for automatically updating the pre-notification, activation and modification of airspace reservations (ARES) in the Network Manager (NM) system.

Exercises in Southampton, MUAC, Rome and Langen will use validate SWIM services for flight object  sharing, while exercises in Palma and Barcelona will develop new SWIM B2B services to allow for effective target time management in ATFCM.

New SWIM services will be defined for validation in a series of shadow mode exercises in Brussels on advanced STAM tools.

Expected benefits 

  • Enhanced information sharing
  • Improved service provision